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Luis Miguel Ariza was born in 1963 in Madrid. After finishing his studies in Zoology in the Complutense University, he worked as a freelancer for the leading newspapers and magazines of Spain. He contributed with science stories to El País, ABC, La Vanguardia, El Independiente, and popular magazines as GEO and Muy Interesante. Luis has worked in newspapers, magazines, radio and television for many years.

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Luis Miguel Ariza Story

In 1989, he traveled to London and contributed for the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) World Service, in the Latino American Department. He also wrote the introduction of the Rupert Sheldrake´s Book “The Presence of the Past”, in the Spanish edition (Kairos, 1990). Shortly after, he worked as a science staff writer for CONOCER (1991-1997), a Spanish monthly publication in science.


In 1998, he started to contribute in New Scientist magazine as a freelancer. Later, he was involved in bringing science and social stories for Scientific American, the oldest American magazine in science, published in New York. 


In 1998, Luis entered the team that founded La Razon newspaper and was the chief responsible for the science section until 2006. Luis also gave his expertise in science and health to several radio programs in Spain: Clave de Ciencia, a daily program of news science from Radio Nacional de España, (2000-2002) the biggest public broadcasting corporation in Spain, and more recently, A Hombros de Gigantes, which is more than 10 years on the air.

In 2000 he worked as the scientific coordinator, interviewer and writer of 2.Mil, a TV series from the Spanish Public Television RTVE, bringing exclusive interviews of outstanding figures in science as Donald Johanson, the discoverer of the famous fossil “Lucy”, the roboticist Hans Moravec, the British cosmologist and astronomer Fred Hoyle, the zoologist Clyde Roper (known as “Dr. Squid” for his search of the giant squid) among many others.


In 2002  Luis  published his best selling “La Sombra del Chaman” (Random House, Plaza&Janés, 2002), a story about the search of a magic bullet against cancer in the lost words of Venezuela, where ancestral rites, magic and technology takes place in a brilliant plot. It has sold over 33.000 copies only in Spain, with four reprints and paperpack editions, and several thousands copies and e-books in Germany. Kraken (2005), a thriller that involves deep ocean, Mars research and oil industry, was translated into German with two reprints. Luis published also The Lazarus Project, in September, 2007. His last novel, Los Hijos del Cielo, was released in 2010 by Martínez Roca Ediciones this February, with 15.000 copies.

Luis writes for magazines as El País Semanal, the weekly publication of the first Spanish newspaper, El País, with an estimated audience of about one million readers, and Muy Interesante magazine, undoubtely the best selling and most read monthly publication on popular science in Spain, that has an circulation of more than 300.000 issues and a million readers.


Luis also holds a doctorate cum Lauden in Journalism with the Complutense University in Madrid, and also is an expert on science fiction and the influence of classical and modern films in societies. He recently publish a book about the philosophy modern science fiction films in Arpa editores.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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